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Ramblings of the Perpetually Confused


how important early childhood education is…


another happy Asgardian family pic this time with Frigga.

they are a little too old to still sleep together



Fury just doesn’t get paid enough for this de-aging bullshit


ARTWORK BY - [cielo]


30 Day OTP Challenge

Day 5: Kissing

‘Remember when you two kissed?’

Thor almost choked in his own spit. ‘I-I… I beg your pardon mother?’

Frigga laughed. ‘When you two were still children, your father told you that only one of you could be king. So Thor here came up with a brilliant idea. You said, “then if I’m king, I’ll marry Loki so he could be queen, and we could rule Asgard together!”’

Thor and Loki gulped, frozen to the spot.

‘You even had a fake wedding! Took turns being king and invited us to watch.’

‘Oh my Odin….’

‘What? I’m proud that you two were always close. I hope you still are.’

Well, maybe a bit too close, mother. Thor thought to himself as he forced a smile.


ARTWORK BY - [森犬さん☆デザフェスB-214]

Look at the little Loki!

Halloween 2012 by ~raidenz

Ok, this is just too cute!

Happy Halloween 2012 by *Mooching-Leech


Kid Thor asking help [Thor&Loki]

ThorandLoki by ~3393339


Frigga introduces baby Loki to Thor and is excited to see him.

Let me just, imagine this happened. 

oh happy mothers day!
/so i decided to put fluffy colours. 
ugh im sorry, i thought if i change the file, the reblogs images would change as well. ughh, really i apologize Q_Q ! thought it would be a surprise if i coloured this!


:) this one is old but I like it.


Thor Concept Art - Thor and Loki as Children

This is so much cooler than what they ended up with.


Another! by *Lelia Yep, I’ve fallen in Asgadian Bros fanart again! It’s Breakfast TIME!

Thor has no table manners… 

My seemingly random obsessions, lots of Thor, Loki, The Avengers, Spideypool...tons of Marvel and DC basically. Also Community, and anything else that makes me laugh!
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