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Behind the scenes of Thor.


#Loki.. babe.. I love you so so so so sso SO SO MUCH #Loki

Accurate tags are accurate. 



II Part

“And that is how Thor became a problem

and Loki became a hero”



Sif is staring daggers at him….

So beautiful orz






The Progression of Loki.


My bet is if you shave his head he’ll be a playful little puppy dog.




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That’s actually pretty normal sibling wise…..



is he having regrets there in the 2nd gif? just a tiny bit? hrmmm

There may be a hint of regret here but I think it’s Loki’s love for Thor that is his main motivation here and the reason he did what he did. Obviously there is spite and hatred as well but he knows Thor will one day be king and wants it too, the problem was never Loki wanting to take the throne way from Thor but delaying it. He knows his rash,sometimes thoughtless brother isn’t ready yet and needs time to see his own faults which everyone else seems blind to or like Odin refusing to address. So there may be a moment of doubt when Loki thinks ‘is this the right thing to do? should I ruin this for Thor?’ but he does know he is right in stopping the coronation as his love for Thor wants him to become the great king he know he can be. He just maybe shouldn’t have done it in such a Loki way as it showed how unready thor was a little too well

AU in which Laufey recognizes Loki (ft. Good dad!Odin)

Inspired by (x)

“Loki is the artist and Thor is the quarterback, which was something [producer] Craig Kyle said. If Thor and Loki were on their way back from the pub and someone started a fight, Loki would be trying to think of the best way to avoid fighting and Thor would probably start the fight. There’s a bit of an infuriation at the center of Loki; he is so frustrated by that instinct in Thor. Loki needs him as physical protection, but he resents the fact he’s so hot-tempered, arrogant, and quick to throw a punch.”

The end credits play out over a beam of light traveling from Earth through various star systems and nebulae, ending at the shimmering towers of Asgard. But in the scene above we learn that Jane was the source of that skyward blast.

Thor deleted scene (x)

Makes sense why they cut it though. It would have completely taken away from the drama of losing Loki.


Based on “How to keep an idiot busy: Give him a Rubik cube”

Netflix FTW!




omfg, the captions, I’m dying, too funny.

Odin wins!

Now it all makes sense - why you conveniently were removed from the plot…

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