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awww  Steve >3<


This took me 20+ hours and it’s for the lovely kkaryna <3 because she requested h/c Steve in my LS and then I just suddenly had the idea for this. 



And that’s how Loki was banned from watching MythBusters (but he never watched it to begin with…)


okay this is a all-in-all photo spam, with all i have related to the avengers so i hopes you like it!!!

non of the art is mine, i give all the credit to the artist. please massage me if you know who made it. this is just some of my personally favorite stony photos, please respect  that it´s just my point of view. i´m sorry if you feel discriminated, or anything. then please send me a massage,  

this is to all my followers that i love more than my life. thank you all so much. lets see if we can reach the 200 followers ;) 

I feel as though I have been scarred with that last one…..


“Don’t listen to Bruce, he’s just still shaken up from the full moon the other night.”

“…His hair is on fire.”

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