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Ramblings of the Perpetually Confused


The best part


….Yeah. I did not expect the reaction that I got to the last picture. Although I am completely thrilled and thoroughly amused!

You’re all awesome!

And so you get a follow-up picture!!

Also, due to MANY requests(demands) the little Snow Loki has been turned into a button and yes, the Snow Avengers pic is available as a print now as well. If you’re interested in either, message me to let me know. Just remember, only 50 will be made available.


Seriously, I wish I could hug you all! Also, I love when people continue the random conversations I put with the sketches. They make my day.


“Captain, have you seen Barton?”

“Yes Sir. He said he had to go give you a mission report, but that was a few hours ago.”

“Well, I’ve been in my office this whole time.”

“Huh. Then I don’t know why he was wearing a winter coat.”

“…..oh. Thanks for your help. I know exactly where he is.”

“Uh, okay?”

((The snow Loki is now available in button format….and there is a follow-up pic to this in case you’re interested…. http://meekobits.tumblr.com/post/36894843252/yeah-i-did-not-expect-the-reaction-that-i-got ))


collection of silly talk sprites. 

Fuck I’d want to watch this cartoon. This would be comic GOLD.


This was probably the best part of the Dragon Con 2012 parade.


Phil has his moment… in silence

Silence, spanking the money, coming in his pant…we all say it our own way.




#i’ll bet he’s been dying to say that his entire life #god bless phil coulson



Glasses specially designed to fit the Hulk’s head

I don’t know what’s funnier, Tony’s face palm, Coulson taking pics of Steve’s ass, or Fury running away in tears.

The Peeps all over Clint are the funniest!


All the Avengers but Thor have been changed into puppies by Loki, Fury has to find a way to reverse the magic but in the mean time has to track down some puppy sitters.


Avengers Puppies Returns! This time they have babysitters!

Peter has Tony

Pepper has Bruce

Coulson has Steve

Wade has Barton

Fury has Natasha


Principal Coulson: Did you really expect me to believe that we have a (looks down at paper) Philosophy and Star Trek class here? Taught by a (looks down at paper) Hugh Jaynus?

[Wade starts snickering loudly]

Avengers AU Meme » Superfamily [2/?] - Discovering a chance to slack off (and mainly inspired by last night’s Community episode) Wade convinces Peter to create a fake single-credit Independent Studies course for him. Principal Coulson manages to figure it out and brings both boys into his office.

This is extremely well done ;x

Most awesome thing EVER!

My seemingly random obsessions, lots of Thor, Loki, The Avengers, Spideypool...tons of Marvel and DC basically. Also Community, and anything else that makes me laugh!
Very often NSFW Slash.

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