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Rose was so shocked the first time she saw 10 because she could’ve sworn she’d seen that face before










# Oh my Gallifrey # The Doctor’s face # He’s seen humans before and traveled with them for years on end # But the way he looks at Rose this early in their partnership is different # It’s the gaze of a man besotted # It’s the gaze of a man who’s done things he doesn’t believe he can ever be forgiven for and yet # This gorgeous woman standing in front of him gives him hope # She’s clever and brave and she’s here with him no matter how gruff he’s been or how he’s subtly tried to push her away (via gallifreyburning)

No Doctor will ever look at Rose like that. Ever. Nine was in complete awe of that woman, completely and totally in love. That look screams of reverence, mystification, admiration, adoration and love. He’s been turned into a lovesick teenager who writes songs on loose leaf while strumming his guitar. Inside his hearts are singing out to her, aching to be in her arms.

This was truly the Doctor who fell in love. 

This was also the doctor that died for love

The only Doctor born from hatred and war

And redeemed through love

So much that the thing that he chose to die for

Was love itself.

Ten was born from love

And died half-mad.

Eleven was born half-mad

And we see where he is now.

But nine was born in fire

And love is what made him finally stop burning.


…and you’re seared onto my hearts.



Rose: You’re still you?

Doctor: I’m still me.

#I’m so glad they had this moment #not just because of the reunion #but also because he stopped the regeneration for her#because she was begging him not to go #Maybe he can’t wave a hand and bring the stars back #or scare the Daleks off with a song #but he can do this#one last miracle for her sake #so that he can hold her once more #in the arms that she remembers (via abadplanwellexecuted)

….why did she have to GOOOOOOOOOOOO???? *sob* Nothing ever beat these two TRAVELINGtogether. No other combination of doctors and companions can ever top, the doctor and Rose. And the fucking writers need to RESPECT THAT. Christopher, David, and Billie were what made Doctor Who so popular again, and made it the giant success, and trying to act like anything can live up to the magic they had….is just crazy.


Doctor&Rose deleted moment from “Dalek” (episode 6, season 1) 

#i think this needed to be in it #especially after the ‘you’re alive!’ moment#because the way he reacted after seeing she was alive was like if he could he would jump through that screen and never let go of her (via comealong-ash)


Smoochy smoochy time. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Old art is old. Painfully so.


Graphite pencils on 200g/m² drawing paper.

The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler, just as it should be.

It hurts to watch without them together….

I have to say, the first ones look FAR more romantic, and love filled.


Nine and rose’s relationship in one picture

Except when she’s doing the same for him. She brought him back to life. *Sob*

Amy: It didn’t want just me. So you must believe in some God or someone or it would have shown you the door too. So what do Time Lords pray to?
The Doctor: According to the in-flight recorder, the program developed glitches. Got stuck on the same setting. The fears from the people before us weren’t tidied away.

Real fans know what The Doctor believes in, ROSE.

Blueblazersandbowties saidTen/Rose, bitch [x]

The times when the Doctor almost admitted that he loved Rose Tyler

OTP!!!! I’m sorry, but no romance they’ve ever considered since, lives up to The Doctor and Rose Tyler

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