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Loki / Clint Barton - Dream Ends



Illustration for our JR fan book <Stray Hawk


You can do that with the Tesseract?! 

Click the pic for source… o__o


1 - Snowman

Loki: Why am I doing this again?

Clint: So you can experience all there is to do in winter! And besides, I’m going to help you extract your revenge against Tony later for ruining your experiment.

Loki: Point. 

[Tidbits of winter & frosthawk [+ other pairings] coming your way~] 


Clint has his way with Loki

Gift From A Friend. by ~jack-o-lantern12

No Natasha! BAD! Clint is going to be very disappointed. And I don’t want to even think what Lady Frigga will do to you….

Hold Me Closer. by ~jack-o-lantern12

I’m sorry, but they are so eye fucking.

What Do You Do? by ~jack-o-lantern12


6.Separated by two places phone cell



Try to translation in English , OMG~

Bigger Than Yours. by ~jack-o-lantern12


Avengers Time IV.

“Avengers Time” is a silly story about a costume party on Halloween.

Steve Rogers as Prince Gumball

Phil Coulson as cool mint

Tony Stark as Marshall Lee

Jarvis as Beemo

Bruce Banner as Tree Trunks

Thor Odinson as Fiona

Mjolnir as Jake

Natasha Romanoff as Fire Princess 

Loki Laufeyson as Ice King

Clint Barton as Gunter 

III. http://lucleon.tumblr.com/post/34793099084/avengers-time-iii-the-third-page-of-the-comic

Hmmm, looks like some people are jealous…

GET HIM CLINT! Loki looks wonderful!


Between the witch & vampire~
Happy halloween(agian)!

Witch!Nat, Vampire!Loki ,and Werewolf!Clint! :3

My seemingly random obsessions, lots of Thor, Loki, The Avengers, Spideypool...tons of Marvel and DC basically. Also Community, and anything else that makes me laugh!
Very often NSFW Slash.

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