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Based off a prompt on kink meme: When Erik offends a potential recruit to the Brotherhood, the mutant gets back at him by turning his beloved cat into a human being. Cue Charles pouncing on Erik, waking up all over him, trying to sleep over Hank’s computer cause it’s warm, chasing birds, caressing himself over other people and overall bothering Erik until he gets petted and purrs happily. There is sexy time eventually.
Notes/Warnings: Slight Bestiality (Charles is half cat here), sex, crack, romance. REVISED! I changes some things that I didn’t like (the Epilogue and a few scenes), so if you’ve read it before, this version has some differences.

Words:39,292   Chapters:1/1



Michael Fassbender in ‘Blind Pilots’ [x]

Make sure you use lots of lube, bb!Faun.

Why?! This is killing me!





omg i guffawed loudly at this one. 

except they aren’t really “ex” are they?

(e)x-men tho

XMFC-Don’t talk, don’t move, DON’T LAUGH DAMMIT by ~freefallcrash

XMFC-Can’t you do it yourself? by ~freefallcrash

XMFC-Secret santa ‘Feuerzangenbowle’ by ~freefallcrash

cookie cutter happy fun times by ~verilyvexed

Relevant to this: [link]

And I don’t know how it is that I set out to do a quick silly little doodle then end up spending more time and effort on it than on my actual life. Oh, well. I wanted to draw a kitchen anyway. (I guess this is an AU in which Charles and Erik have a horrible 60’s flat with awful wallpaper and an apparently ENORMOUS kitchen.)

I was going to have speech bubbles with funny words, but they looked stupid. And the words weren’t all that good. Erik thinks he’s being helpful. Maybe something like:

"And just what do you think you’re doing?"
"I thought I could put sprinkles on your cookie."
"That was truly awful, my friend. For that, you’re getting nowhere near my cookies, literal or metaphorical."

And then counter-top makeouts. All things lead to makeouts!

Killing Shaw will not bring you peace by ~threeluggage

Monday Morning Make-out Session by ~Paperflower86


XMFC - Erik x Charles

My seemingly random obsessions, lots of Thor, Loki, The Avengers, Spideypool...tons of Marvel and DC basically. Also Community, and anything else that makes me laugh!
Very often NSFW Slash.

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