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Ramblings of the Perpetually Confused


XMFC - Erik x Charles

“what do you know about me?”



Charlie bit my finger by ChateNoire

And the beach divorce never happened………

Wish that was all it took. 


I love you this much by =Claparo-Sans

Chibi Cherik!!!

Erik and Charles, so hot.

X men first kiss by =maXKennedy

30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 12 by =maXKennedy

The X men first class - Wake up by =maXKennedy

30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 30 by =maXKennedy

30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 17 by =maXKennedy

30 Day OTP Challenge - Day 27 by =maXKennedy


Please have a closer look at the second gif and the face of one certain gentleman, who can hardly manage to pull a straight face ~

I’d like to think that James and Fassy screwed this scene up so often (by laughing), that in the end Matthew just said: “Screw it, let’s put that one almost-serious take in the film!”


›› Cherik Parallels

Happy Tuesgay!

My seemingly random obsessions, lots of Thor, Loki, The Avengers, Spideypool...tons of Marvel and DC basically. Also Community, and anything else that makes me laugh!
Very often NSFW Slash.

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