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When I was waiting in line to get John Barrowman’s autograph at Dragon*Con this year, he was eating a banana. He took one bite and then saw me watching him. Then he proceeded to deep throat the banana and bite it off with like 90% of it inside of his mouth. I started giggling and he winked at me while looking like a chipmunk due to all the banana in his mouth.

Barrowman, please.




Jack and the Doctor.

John and David.

doing the Doctor Who theme tune.

(listen here)

This is the first time this has appeared on my dash, this is unaceptable, I want this everyday.

Can we make this an always reblog yes or yes.



Rose: You’re still you?

Doctor: I’m still me.

#I’m so glad they had this moment #not just because of the reunion #but also because he stopped the regeneration for her#because she was begging him not to go #Maybe he can’t wave a hand and bring the stars back #or scare the Daleks off with a song #but he can do this#one last miracle for her sake #so that he can hold her once more #in the arms that she remembers (via abadplanwellexecuted)

….why did she have to GOOOOOOOOOOOO???? *sob* Nothing ever beat these two TRAVELINGtogether. No other combination of doctors and companions can ever top, the doctor and Rose. And the fucking writers need to RESPECT THAT. Christopher, David, and Billie were what made Doctor Who so popular again, and made it the giant success, and trying to act like anything can live up to the magic they had….is just crazy.







#he means sex

#he always means sex

#he is sex

He did

And the cross-species orgy….Is he even completely human? OT3 (DoctorRoseJack)



no you don’t understand

he’s not even pansexual

he’s all the sexuals

he’s heteroflexible

No. You don’t get Captain Jacks’ character, do you?

He’s not heteroflexible (which basically means you’re mainly attracted to females, but sometimes males, on occasion, usually when drunk). Jack is attracted to every sex, every species, living, android, computer, TARDIS….

I have to say, the first ones look FAR more romantic, and love filled.

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